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  • Want to learn more about cooking real every day food?
  • Looking for a great date night or night out with the girls?
  • Ready to use new ingredients, master the basics, and spice up your every day cooking?

Sandra Katanic’s Cooking Classes in Aurora have rave reviews from attendees!

To book a private cooking class, please contact Sandra directly here.

January Cooking Classes

Aurora-Cooking-Class Fast Pasta MealsAurora-Cooking-Class Vegetarian Meals Salads


February Cooking Classes

Aurora-Cooking-Class Rice MealsAurora-Cooking-Class Italian DishesAurora-Cooking-Class Cooking with EggsAurora-Cooking-Class Phyllo and Puff Pastry


March Cooking Classes

Aurora-Cooking-Class Hearty Stews

Testimonials for Sandra Katanic’s Cooking Classes

I had the pleasure meeting Sandra last year and joined a group of wonderful ladies in Sandra’s home for a Soup/Salad Cooking Workshop. It was incredible! Sandra used an abundance of ingredients (all fresh) and taught us all different techniques when in the kitchen. Our group loved the workshop so much we asked her to create more. They included appetizers, Thai cuisine, BBQ, etc. She “wowed” us all each and every time. I’m grateful for what I learned. It brought new ideas into my kitchen for my family and we have enjoyed many new recipes as well as pots/pans (I fell in love with what Sandra owned). Sandra genuinely loves to be in the kitchen and to help others.
– Suzanne H.M.